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Layout type (Check all appropriate)

Single sided HMD on primary side HMD on secondary side
Double sided SMD on primary side SMD on secondary side
Multilayer COB/BGA on primary side COB on secondary side

Required production basis (Check all appropriate)

Layer 1 Legend Position print pri Component placement drawing
Layer 2 Legend Position print sec PCB drawing
Layer 3 Soldermask pri Panel drawing
Layer 4 Soldermask sec Mechanical drawing
Layer 5 Pastemask pri 100% XY-coordinates
Layer 6 Pastemask sec 100% Gerber filer (fotofiles)
Layer 7 ICT - Test
Layer 8


Basic data we need to know

Net list format

Circuit diagram format

Part list. List should contain component reference numbers and component casing.

Part specification. Showing component, pin layout and pin sizes (PCB and schematic layout).

Mechanical drawing. Showing board size, fixed components and mountingholes.

Keepout areas. Showing restrictions in placing routes and/or components in different areas, also height restrictions.

Maximum conditions. Mark high voltage, high current and high temp areas in cirquit diagram.

Critical signals. Show signals that have special rules in cirquit diagram.

Approvals. Show signals that will affect special approvals like CE.


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